Mongolia travel and tours by Nomadic Journeys

NOMADIC JOURNEYS is a 20+ years tour operator inbound to Mongolia. The company offers yak and camel supported horseback expeditions and treks, as well as birding holidays, snow leopard expeditions and world class fly fishing on two of the Mongolian rivers. Nomadic Journeys operates a string of small seasonal fully collapsible yurt (ger) Luxury Wilderness Camps along these rivers where also multi day raft and kayak trips are offered. As well as small size Luxury Ger Camps in central Mongolia. Nomadic Journeys offers travel in the slow lane, in close contact with local nomads, rather than bone-breaking jeep and bus trips.

We offer a variety of trips throughout Mongolia.

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Regions of Mongolia

At Nomadic Journeys we have decided to describe Mongolian places and regions according to the below natural conditions of land and pasture. It very much frames what style of trips and treks we offer in different parts of the country. When you take a walk or ride on the wild side with Nomadic Journeys we will usually not use vehicle-support, but rather different kinds of animal supported caravans.

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