Mongolia is a country of growing visitor interest, with its unique cultural heritage, landscape, geographical situation and natural ecosystem. Being in a landlocked location between China and Russia and therefore without a marine influence on the weather, the climate of Mongolia can be quite extreme, changing rapidly from hot summer days to freezing winter temperatures.

It is in an ecological transition zone, where the flora and fauna of Siberia meet with the completely different species of the desert and steppes of Central Asia. That’s why we say it’s possible to see camels and wild asses and then reindeer, within one region, maybe even in one day, if you drive real fast.

Mongolia is rich with places of natural beauty, and a visit to nomadic people, exploring their lifestyle, makes it even more interesting, as they have kept their traditions and style relatively unchanged from the earliest days.

Here we have tried to give you as much information on Mongolia as possible, with the further intention of adding to it in the future. Please navigate through our pages to learn more about the popular places of Mongolia, books you might like to read, and even the names of birds in Latin, English and Swedish. We have also provided links that we think will be quite useful for finding out more about Mongolia.