Arburd Sands

Arburd Sands, the northernmost sand dunes of the Gobi, are a reasonable 4 hour drive south from Ulaanbaatar. Combined with the sacred Zorgol Hairhan Mountain, which is 35 km away, this is a fascinating classical Mongol area, not visited by many tourists. As it is in the Gobi grasslands, the pastures are usually good and support many herding families who live in the area.

The nomadic culture is strong here. Many of the locals are keen horse trainers within the Mongol equestrian tradition, which has passed from father to son for millennia.

How to travel there:

Nomadic Journeys has partnered with a number of community members and is pleased to offer the visitor horse rides and ger camp stays here. Arburd Sands is a 4 hour drive south of Ulaanbaatar.