Hangai Mountains

Hangai Mountains bisects the Arhangai and Övörhangai provincens. Ar means “north”, and “övör means “south.  Hangai Mountains have been established as a national park in recent times. The most well known area is the famous Orhon Valley, which is in the Mongol heartland, just west of the ancient capital of Karakorum (Harhorin). Orhon Valley has a small water fall – Ulaan Tsutsgalan – and nearby is also the remote Tövhön monastery, high up on its sides, founded by Zanabazar as a retreat.  In the buffer zone of the Hangai Mountains to the north is Horgo National Park, with the Terhiin Tsagaan Lake and Horgo extinct volcano in Arhangai province.

On the far western end is the eternally snow-capped sacred mountain of Otgontenger. The interior of the Hangai Mountains is uninhabited and locals use it for hunting only.

How to travel there:

Nomadic Journeys offers a four day trek pack-yaks supported trek across the Naiman Nuur (Eight Lakes) area of Hangai National Park for small groups. If you are a Dutch speaker you can check out www.snp.nl out of Holland which takes in this trek. The Dutch are very good English speakers. You must book these trips with our overseas partners.

We occasionally also offer treks supported by yak carts at Ihtamir, which is the northern side of the Hangai Mountains.

Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur and Horgo volcano are accessible today as there are several summer ger camps located there. . It is on the overland four day trail to Lake Hövsgöl. Unfortunately, there is no airport close to any of these locations.