Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is within the Hangai region and within close proximity to Ulaanbaatar. Terelj proper is a village at the end of the 80km tarmac road stopping at the Terelj River, a tributary of the Tuul River. The landscape is spectacular with rock formations in forested areas. There are also a large number of tourist camps at Terelj proper, which is only a 2h drive out of Ulaanbaatar.

How to travel there:

It is a taxi ride out of Ulaanbaatar to Terelj proper. Beyond this, Nomadic Journeys operates Jalman Meadows Ger Camp in the interior parts of this national park, on the border with Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. It is a 3½ hours drive out of Ulaanbaatar