Dzungarian Gobi

Gobi Altai is a province in the west of the Gobi areas. This is where the high Altai Mountains meets the Gobi steppes The peaks are around 4000 meters above sea level, and usually snow-capped. It is a very arid region, with very interesting wildlife such as the Gobi bear (Mazalai), wild camels (Havtagai), Iiexes, argali sheep and snow leopards. All are present in the Great Gobi National Park. The best months are May and October, when it is not too hot.

The Dzungarian Gobi borders China and is the extreme west of the Gobi. It meets with the Altai Mountains in Hovd and Bayan Ölgii provinces, as the Bulgan River empties out from the mountains onto the flat plains. The elevation here is 1200 meters above sea level, compared to 900 meters in South Gobi.

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Bulgan airfield is the most remote in all of Mongolia. There are scheduled flights there via Hovd.