East Gobi

East Gobi is the easternmost location for Asiatic Wild Ass in the world. The Transmongolian railway line bisects the province. Despite good infrastructure, it is rarely visited. There are petrified forests here, as well as dinosaur finds.

Ikh Nart Nature Reserve is an upland of Gobi rock formations and the best place in Mongolia for viewing of Argali Sheep, and a mere 4 hour drive southeast of Ulaanbaatar.

Khamar monastery is located near Sainshand and the center of world energy. It is being revived and provides a contrast to Amarbayasgalant monastery in the Hangai.

How to travel there:

Ikh Nart is reached by a 4-6 hour drive, mostly on good tarmac road. The railway line is useful for comfortable travel into this part of the Gobi. From Sainshand one can reach Khamar Monastery. The train operates in the day time out and as overnight for the return journey.