Our Story

For 20 plus years Nomadic Journeys is a leading tour operator in Mongolia, focuses on low impact sustainable tourism.  We work with numerous community groups/enterprises and conservation initiatives around Mongolia. Our philosophy is to offer a slow paced low impact travel experience, visiting different places on a horse back, a yak carts, and a camel carts rather than traveling long difficult journeys on a vehicle. In all of our destinations, each of our camps guarantees a 360 degree unbroken view of the Mongolian landscape.

Our company’s history began in 1992 when Enkhtaivan Ravdan who worked as a local guide in state owned and only travel agency at that time, he met a young Swedish tour leader, Jan Wigsten who was organizing a European tour groups to Mongolia. Enkhtaivan and Jan quickly established strong friendship and shared a vision of opening up Mongolia to more foreign visitors. The following year Enkhtaivan and Jan co-founded Nomadic Journeys with a aim to open up a new frontier for the global eco-tourism.

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    Co-owner and Managing Director Mrs. Manduhai SUHBAATAR

    Manduhai graduated from the University of Moscow with BA in Economics. She has started working for Nomadic Journeys from the beginning. She has worked as a camp manager, a trip planner, and an operation manager. From the beginning she have become irreplaceable member and backbone of the company. As a very detailed oriented person she have been managing every operation and day to day activity of the company.

    She is married to Enkhtaivan Ravdan and has 3 sons. She is supportive, dedicated and diligent wife, mother and businesswomen.

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    Marketing Director Mr. Jan WIGSTEN

    Mr. Jan Wigsten first visited Mongolia as a tour leader in late 80s and he immediately fell in love with Mongolia. Throughout the years he gained much experience and knowledge about Mongolia that even exceeds a local Mongolian. He co-founded Nomadic Journeys and soon became the marketing director that connects Nomadic Journeys to over 100 tour agents throughout the world. His work ethics and passion led Nomadic Journeys to it’s current position. In 2011 Jan was awarded The Nairamdal (Friendship) Medal by the President of Mongolia in recognition of his efforts in developing tourism in the Mongolia.
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    General Manager Mr. Enkhbaatar NYAMJAV

    Mr. Enkhbaatar has worked with us as a general manager since 2000. He has master degree in Philosophy and his work experience is outstanding. He was also a teacher and that experience helps with teamwork and leading management. He manages our client’s visa, custom’s tickets, transfer schedules, permits and domestic agreements and contract of the companies that work in  co-operation, work with state and non-state organizations and finds our next best partners. He is leading and managing at every level to help and assist with the tasks on hand.
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    Human Resource Manager Mrs. Khandsuren JIGMED

    For 13 years Mrs. Khandsuren has been working in education sector as a teacher and a supervisor at the Educational and Cultural Center. She graduated from National University of Mongolia with BA in Foreign Relation. Since then, she joined Nomadic Journeys. Also she got master degree in Education research. She trains Nomadic Journeys staffs on field with perfection. She is also one of our hard-working, reliable and dedicated guide and host with wealth of experience working in the field and implements manners to service minds and golden standard of our operations in and on the field. Over the years she has shown herself to be a highly skilled professional and earned appreciation from our clients and staff. She handles out high-end level trips such as cultural and 360 trip.
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    Senior Manager Mrs. Delgermaa OTGONBAYAR

    Delgermaa is a senior and sales manager. She began working for Nomadic Journeys in 2006 while studying in Tourism Management in Windhorse College, Ulaanbaatar. She started her career with trip assistant and tour guide while she was a student. After graduation, she started to work as an operations manager and become a senior and sales manager in 2014. She holds an MBA from Mongolia’s Institute of Finance and Economics. Her BA in Tourism Management and MBA has become the solid background of her development in the industry. Delgermaa is recognized as one of ours most experienced and responsible travel manager. Currently, she handles sales of the company and also responsible for European and American market.
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    Front Office Manager Mr. Narangarav ENKHTUYA

    Mr. Narangarav was born and raised in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar City. He studied abroad in South Korea for 10 years including two high schools (Mongolian and South Korean) and Chunnam National University. He has BA in International Diplomatics and Political Science. He is fluent in English, Korean and Mongolian. He is experienced in online research and negotiations. He loves to meet new people from the different places and learn about their traditions. He’s also very active socially and participates in programs of IRI, YPEER and other political meetings and seminars. He is definitely one of our promising young staff who is here to welcome you with a bright smile and assist you with various informations about the Mongolia.
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    Operation Manager Ms. Oyuntsetseg ULZIIBAYAR

    Ms. Oyuntsetseg is the youngest manager with a great experience. She is responsible of client’s request and trip completion successfully with 100% satisfaction. She have spent her childhood in country side close to Mongolian wilderness. This influenced her decision to major on Travel and Tourism Management. Ms. Oyntsetseg have been interning for Nomadic Journeys during her summer break while she was still at the university. Her hard work and dedication landed her role as operation manager in the company.
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    Operation Manager Ms. Bayasgalan BATBAYAR

    Ms. Bayasgalan have been working for Nomadic Journeys from the early days of the company as a trip assistant, then as a french speaking guide. She have gained inestimable experience from her field duties. In addition she pursued higher education in France and majored in Commerce. After completion of her degree, she came back to Mongolia and rejoined Nomadic Journeys. Now she is responsible for your trip running smoothly and successfully.
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    General Accountant Mrs. Tsetsegbal NERGUI

    Mrs. Tsetsegbal started working for Nomadic Journeys as a logistics manager in 2000. From 2002 she have become our general accountant. She has BA in International Trade from National Mongolian University and Accountant BA from Mandakh University along with “Tax Certified Accountant” certificate. She is responsible for all of your and our financial transactions. She loves traveling and eager to learn about new cultures.
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    Assistant Accountant Mr. Tserenchimed BUMBUG

    Mr. Tserenchimed started working for Nomadic Journeys from 2014. He has been working as an accountant from 2008 with our associated company and later joined Nomadic Journeys with high recommendation. He has BA in Accounting.
  • Logistics

    Back of every single trip, there is a logistics team working hard. They are responsible for storing and providing all of the equipment’s required for your journey. Trip preparedness is the most important part of the whole operation. Day and night logistics team tirelessly work to make your trip satisfying and enjoyable.