Arburd Sands Ger Camp

Arburd Sands are the northernmost sand dunes of the Gobi and extend for 20km across the steppes. Arburd Sands are 140km south of Ulaanbaatar on the treeless steppe and in great contrast to Jalman Meadows. No telegraph poles in view anywhere. Here you will meet camels instead of yaks.

This area has no other ger camps anywhere near by. Your hosts, the entire family of Badrakh and Densmaa, are locals and related to one third of the entire nomadic population in the area. Their families are keen horsemen and compete at the national level on the Naadam Games in mid July and later elsewhere in Mongolia . The steppe extends to the horizon here. There are many nomads in the area, with their livestock. A very traditional area and not a place which tourists normally drive through.

Trips offered at this camp: