Delger Ger Camp

Delger is located some 290km to the west in southernmost Bulgan Province. It is only 80km short of Karakorum , which was the capital of the Mongol empire. Hence, Delger Ger Camp is our base for explorations and treks in central Mongolia, as well as the convenient day trips to Karakorum (Harhorin).

Karakorum itself was totally destroyed by the Ming in the end of 1300s, but the Erdenezuu Monastery replaced it. In Soviet times there was a collective farm around the village of Harhorin, which is why there are agricultural fields also today.

We recommend that you spend all the nights at Delger when visiting Karakorum. Delger Ger Camp is located within Högnö Khan Mountain Nature Reserve which are giant rock formations in the middle of the steppe. It is a fascinating area of steppes rock formations and sand dunes. There are many nomads around. A hike through the Högnö Khan can be made in half a day into the Övgön Monastery ruin that is located in a green space just like an oasis. You may also visit the small Erdenekhombo Monastery now being restored by a female lama, Davaa. Next to the sand dunes is a small lake that usually holds some herons, swans and ducks! It takes at least 6 hours to drive to Delger Ger Camp.