Hövsgöl Canyons Camp

Our Hövsgöl Canyons Camp is hidden along one of Asia’s most stunning mountain streams.  Located only a few hours drive from both Mörön and Lake Hövsgöl, the very comfortable camp is a wonderful addition to any northern Mongolia itinerary.  The scenery and level of service are world-class.

The camp’s facilities are simple and elegant, designed to respect the canyon’s natural beauty and grace.  The camp accommodates only eight guests per day.  We operate this camp as part of our globally lauded fly-fishing portfolio.  The kitchen and camp staff are some of Mongolia’s finest.

Nearly three-hundred kilometers of this river canyon are protected as a Taimen Sanctuary. We pioneered this conservation management agreement with the Mongolian government.  The agreement outlaws motor-boats, mining, commercial forestry, and permanent tourism development within the river corridor. Through this agreement, we enjoy exclusive access rights to the sanctuary for all fishing, boating and tourism.

Activities include rafting, kayaking, and swimming.  The hiking at this camp is spectacular.  Our guides will float you across the river where you can access a seemingly endless wilderness of rolling hills covered with wildflowers, larch, pine, and birch trees.

Fly fishing is strictly regulated and arrangements must be made well in advance of your visit.  Spin fishing is not allowed.

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