Jalman Meadows Wilderness Camp


Jalman Meadows is located on the Upper Tuul River, which meanders gently through the vast meadows of wildflowers and through the lush hills that holds larch forests and birch. The forests touches the circumpolar north. Tuul River is born in the Khan Khentii Wilderness, one of Inner Asia’s remote water divides. It is silent and peaceful here, except for the buzzes of grasshoppers and the singing of the birds. The time seems to stand still in this remote place. At Jalman Meadows, Nomadic Journeys operates this luxury wilderness ger camp in a 360 degree landscape.


From here you may explore the area by straying away in the hills on foot or on horseback, or rafting through the meadows on the river itself. Rafts and inflatable kayaks may be mounted to a yak cart and walk upstream, and float back into camp. Or just sit back in the library ger and enjoy good reads about Mongolia. Three full days are easy to spend.

It is a 3½ hours exciting drive from Ulaanbaatar which takes you to Jalman Meadows, beautifully located in the interior parts of Gorkhi Terelj National Park adjacent to Khan Khentii Special Protected Area, which is a wilderness reaching all the way to the Russian/Siberian border – larger than Yellowstone National Park in the USA. Within this large area you may find the most sacred mountain in Mongolia – Burkhan Khaldun, connected to Genghis Khan. You will pass the steppe valleys of Hadan Hoshuu and Huhdiin Ovoo, where the local nomads stay with their livestock and horses in the summers. Jalman Meadows itself are by and large vacated by the nomads, as the immediate area is used for winter pasture. Some few nomadic families remain, while you may hike or take a horse to visit them.



The ger camp is seasonal in the summers, and is fully collapsible. It may be relocated leaving no more impact on the area than a herdsmen family would. It has 14 double occupancy gers and triples can be accommodated in these. There are also 2 family size gers, with a double bed and two beds. The gers have fire stoves, wooden floors and are beautifully decorated in traditional nomadic style with hand-crafted furnishings. Showers are provided in two separate gers. The shower ger has a fire stove, why it is warm and cozy. The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition. It is five-star camping at its best.


We often hear from our guests how excellent they think the food is at the camp. Every morning the cooks prepare a festive breakfast buffet for you with freshly baked bread, natural yoghurt and fresh milk supplied by the neighboring nomads. One delicates you should not miss is the urum, a creamy milk product which is irresistible on a piece of warm bread topped with some berries. The lunch and dinner consist of 2-3 course set meals. In the restaurant ger you will find a good selection of wines, and the solar-powered fridge allows you to enjoy a cold beer and soft drinks. Tea and coffee are available all day long.

The crew

Your support crew for the stay at Jalman Meadows are either from Ulaanbaatar or from the nomadic families of the surrounding area.



If you just want to sit back and relax you can grab a book from the library ger and go outside and read in the gazebo. In addition to books, there area lot of fun stuff in the library ger. Try your skills on one of the”manly sports” of Mongolia with the bow and arrows. You should also try the Mongolian game with ankle bones, just ask the staff and they will show you how to play!


The surroundings allow you to make hikes in any direction. Ask our cook to pack your lunch and stray away into the hills for the day. If you prefer to make an excursion on two wheels, there are two mountain bikes for rent at the camp. You may also explore the area by hooves; hourly, half days and full day rides are organized with local horsemen. Jalman Meadows is popular with bird watchers with many birds of prey, Azure Tits, Red-billed Coughs, Black Grouse and in the distant ridges of pineforests, are the Black-billed Capercaillies.

To add some adventure to your stay in Jalman Meadows there are treks and expeditions on offer. If you want to try Yak Cart Rafting (which is not rafting down the river with a yak in front of you…), just staff will assist to load an inflatable raft onto a yak cart and Yellow Horn, one of the yaks at camp, will walk with you up-stream along the Tuul River. Alternatively, there are also inflatable kayaks, which may be self paddled, if you have some prior experience of paddling the river is easy to paddle.

After you enjoyed the brought picnic lunch you will raft back to the camp. Another activity Yellow Horn will assist you with is to walk to the riverside with a folded ger loaded on to the yak cart. At the riverside unfold the ger and learn how to build it. Our staff will heat a fire inside and convert it to a sauna. Bring your bathing gear.

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PRICES 2017 for Jalman Meadows departing UB:

3d/2n: USD 290 per person
4d/3n: USD 415 per person
5d/4n: USD 540 per person

Single Supplement: USD 40 per night

Additional night: USD 125 per night

Rent of riding horse: USD 35 per day

Private Transfer Supplement: USD 80 per vehicle

Additional transfer supplement if Japanese Jeep is ordered: USD 130

Includes: All meals outside Ulaanbaatar. All overnights in double occupancy ger. Transfers to and out of camp on scheduled times.

Excludes: Imported drinks, Laundry. Hotel nights in Ulaanbaatar (=easily added to your order).

Children: 0-2 years free. 3-12 years 50%.

Transfer schedule: Daily approx mid May to end of September
from UB: 09:00
from camp: 14:00

Most guests staying at Jalman Meadows choose the above pricing options, which allows for flexibility on hikes, rides and floats which you then may plan and pay as you go. Just order the optionals with camp manager the day before. Minimum stay is two overnights which is USD 290, plus transfer supplement at least one of the ways.

You may transfer out and back to /from Ulaanbaatar on any day by paying transfer supplement for a private transfer.

You may also have private transfers both ways, a private guide and all activities included by paying a supplement of USD 125 per person per night, which is USD 750 per person for 4d/3n.

If you extend your stay in Mongolia to any of our other destinations it is also possible to pay a transfer supplement and drive directly between our camps, if they are within reach of one full day drive. It costs a bit more for drive, but saves on hotel expenses in Ulaanbaatar.


Trip Combination

The relatively remote location of Jalman Meadows merits other extended trips, such as a pack horse expedition to the alpine lake, Hagiin Har Nuur, deep in the Khan Khentii taiga. You may also join our Yak Trek caravans for a walk about on the wild side or riding expeditions Mongol Horse Trails or Big Skies Trail. All are based at Jalman Meadows since it is the common starting point for each of them.
You may also request a stay at our luxury wilderness camp in East Gobi, where you may drive in a full day or charter a Cessna Caravan and fly there in an hour. Jalman Meadows has a remote airstrip in the vicinity.

It is also possible to go to Arburd Sands, which is a full day drive from Jalman Meadows, either direct or via Ulan Bator. Arburd Sands minimum stay is two overnights. You may go there on any day.

Hustai National Park, re introduction site of Przewalskii Horses. It is a drive via Ulan Bator to get there in one day. Should you want to posh experience you may overnight at HS Khaan Ger Resort, not far from the national park, from where is also possible to transfer directly to Ulan Bator airport or railway station.

Please enquire for any of these combinations. We can provide you the seamless travel solution.

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