MRs Handsuren Jigmed Nomadic Journeys HR manager
Mrs. Khandsuren JIGMEDHuman Resource Manager

For 13 years Mrs. Khandsuren has been working in education sector as a teacher and a supervisor at the Educational and Cultural Center. She graduated from National University of Mongolia with BA in Foreign Relation. Since then, she joined Nomadic Journeys. Also she got master degree in Education research. She trains Nomadic Journeys staffs on field with perfection. She is also one of our hard-working, reliable and dedicated guide and host with wealth of experience working in the field and implements manners to service minds and golden standard of our operations in and on the field. Over the years she has shown herself to be a highly skilled professional and earned appreciation from our clients and staff. She handles out high-end level trips such as cultural and 360 trip.