Mongolia Treks: Travel with Mongolian Herdsmen, Horses, Camels, and Yaks

To your right you will find a selection of treks that are offered as fixed departures. They are very much similar in service level to any Himalayan trek, the difference being that we travel with Mongol herdsmen, their animals, be it camels, yaks or horse. The type of animal support is determined by the lifestyle of each Mongolian region. All equipment and luggage’s will be loaded on to the traditional carts or on to the back of pack-animals.

Camel carts are usually used in the more arid Gobi areas, and but also in true steppe. Yak carts, are used mostly in northern areas where precipitation is higher. Certainly yaks in Arhangai and northern Töv provinces. In high elevation mountain terrain we use pack-animals. Such as pack-camels in the remote Altai Mountains, slopes being to steep for carts.

We usually trek no more than 15-20 km a day if over level ground. And shorter in the mountain’s. We provide tents and mattresses. We use Hilleberg three-person tunnel tents, shared by two participants. A ger (yurt) is usually brought along as a “mobile restaurant” if there are 6 or more participant’s in the group. Our standards are maximum twelve to one group, to keep the experience small and intimate. Treks are always camping trips.

In addition we customize treks in various parts of Mongolia.