Trips in Mongolia

Welcome to find our main trips offer below.

Over the years we have learnt from our guest’s traveling less is seeing more! Why travel less is seeing more is due to the poor infrastructure across Mongolia. All our feedback forms indicate this. Probably due to the time it takes to see many places is slower in more disproportionate ways in Mongolia compared to elsewhere. Where there are smooth tarmac roads, railways and domestic air routes with daily or several connections each day, travel time getting from a place to another is faster. At the same time the core experience after having traveled in Mongolia lies not in going a lot of places. Rather it lies in “being places”! Mongolia’s rather pristine landscapes are available in most places and its nomadic people spread out near and far across the land. None of these experiences are site specific. You will however find that going further south will lead you to arid habitats, and only the north has numerous rivers. Do have a look at our Places and Regions section to find out more about different vegetation zones and habitats, which in turn imposes restrictions on livelihood approaches for local people, which in turn are reflected in the different life styles across the country. For example there are reasons for nomads to have camels in certain areas, and yaks in others. Nomadic migrations are also determined by quality of pastures. Less precipitation leads to poor pastures, which in turn forces nomads to migrate more in search for best pastures, consequently nomads are less in such areas (arid southern Gobi areas).

We offer a variety of trips throughout Mongolia.

For groups we may customize itineraries directly for you. Through our extensive network of overseas partners we offer more trips than visible on this website and you will get links to these trips by looking at our reservations pages.

For independent travelers we offer self-guided journeys to a few destinations, which are the most cost effective ways of getting off the beaten track on your own. You will still be able to stay within the basic comforts at one of our ger camps. These trips are the most cost efficient if you travel alone, or you are restricted with time. We offer a departure each day to any of our four main destinations in this way.

The fixed dated departures enables you to join small group treks and horseback journeys in truly nomadic style of journeys. Travel in Mongolia off the beaten track is going to most places devoid of any tourism infrastructure, why you have to be self-sufficient bringing with you tents, cooks and the support of yaks, camels and horses in caravans. Sometimes you need book early in order to get space on the trips. The trips operate with a minimum two people.

Nomadic Journeys has – over the years – offered many luxury travel trips for discerning travelers. For independent travelers going it alone, we operate daily departures to the most common destinations. You find these at classical journeys. Trips to festivals such as Naadam Games and Altai Eagle Festival and other specialty travel are found at special trips. Special trips may be customized trips to snow leopard habitats open for anyone to join, or a course in Mongolian traditional medicine – if any – that year.

We have been guiding our guests to the natural world since more than a decade and now offer solid partnerships with nature conservation organizations, who we work in tandem with, in certain places. At fly fishing journeys you will be introduced to our partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature WWF, and how to sports fish responsibly when choosing Mongolia. Moreover you may find the best in-country birding trails and nature trails to the destinations which are best for avifauna and mammals.

A small section of what is available in our winter you will get at winter journeys.

For any specifics please consult directly with us. We will be happy to reply, and also direct you to an agent in or near your country who may assist you with appropriate airline reservations.