Family Trails

The Mongolian countryside is free from traffic, and a great place for families to unwind and explore new experiences together. Small and big adventures abound just nearby.

There is a choice of expat families favorites which is the ger camps stays at Jalman Meadows, Ikh Nart or Arburd Sands. Expats in Beijing call Jalman Meadows a “five star scout’s camp”! It’s a place for three generations, also suitable for granny. And there are treks where you travel as a nomad in caravan with the locals.

However, you are not required to ride. It will suffice to ride. Kids can hop on to the carts or a camel if tired. It’s great camping out with Mom and Dad. Kids from 5 years and up enjoy it. Older kids from twelve and over also enjoy our normal treks and the outdoors.