Jalman Meadows- Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area


Just a three-hours drive north of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, yet remotely located in the uppermost parts of the Tuul River Valley, lies Jalman Meadows, a beautiful pasture teeming with wildflowers in the summer. It is located within the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, which is one of Mongolia’s true wilderness areas, extending all the way up to the Russian-Siberian frontier. The area constitutes the transition zone of steppe and the southernmost reaches of the boreal forests of Siberia. Hence, there are steppe valleys, lush meadows along the Tuul River, and extensive larch forests with patches of birch. Wildlife such as wolf, lynx, brown bear, red deer, gazelle, moose and wild boar are certainly present but hard to see during the summer. While to the south in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, the southernmost extension of that wilderness area, conventional tourism has been allowed to develop, Nomadic Journeys’ low impact ger camp, is located completely on its own, next to the Tuul River. The camp is put up for the summer season and taken away in the winter, leaving no traces anywhere. We use low-impact indigenous, thus appropriate, technology to offer lodging and sometimes also transportation with the assistance of yak carts or riding horses.

JM self

This self-guided journey is geared towards travelers who prefer to be as independent as possible, while allowing to reach their destination at the lowest possible cost. You share the transport to the camp and back with other travelers as well as staff and provisions. At the camp you plan your daily activities with our English speaking camp manager. There are fine hikes in the surrounding area and optional activities as described below.


Activities & Map

Dayhikes: Hike to the lookout point of Hevtee Gatsaa for beautiful views over Jalman Meadows and the Tuul River. But really you can order a picnic lunch from camp and make day hikes in any direction.

Yak cart rafting: Load a lightweight inflatable catamaran-raft (or kayaks) onto a yak cart. A herdsman will follow with the cart as you trek for half a day up the Tuul River. You’ll have your picnic lunch at noon and return by raft or kayak downstream through Jalman Meadows to camp. Life vests, paddles and picnic lunch are provided. USD 15 p.p. half day, USD 30 p.p. full day.

Swimming: The Tuul River is at its most pristine up here. The water may be cold, but usually pleasant during July and August. The river is mostly crystal clear and transparent with regular deep pools.

Reading: A small library on Mongolian culture, history and wildlife has been collected over the years and is available to guests in the Library Ger next to our Restaurant Ger. There are many recent additions. Most books are in English, Mongolian and Swedish, but a few are in German and French.

Horse riding: Rides for just an hour, half days or full days may be organized with local horsemen at an additional cost. Picnic lunches will be provided from the camp. There are a few hard hats and chaps available, but serious riders are best advised bringing their own. All rides should be preordered latest before dinner the evening before. USD 35 p.p. full day; USD 18 p.p. half day and USD 7 per hour.

Mountain biking: There are two mountain bikes available that may be rented for the day for excellent excursions in the area.

Yak cart sauna: Bring a folded ger – loaded on to a yak cart – to the river bank by yak cart and build your own riverside sauna! USD 25p.p. half day (min 2 persons). Each additional person USD 10.

Birding: You may admire the avifauna that comes in all sizes from azure tits to majestic steppe eagles. You will get 80 percent of Mongolian species with a European bird guide book. There is one in the library ger.

Conferences & lectures: At an additional cost for groups, seminars on contemporary, historical or natural Mongolia may be organized, along with subjects like traditional Mongolian medicine and music.

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Jalman Meadows

Dates and Prices

PRICE 2017 ex Ulaanbaatar:

3d/2n: USD 290 per person
4d/3n: USD 415 per person
5d/4n: USD 540 per person

Single Supplement: USD 40 per night

Additional night: USD 125 per night

Rent of riding horse: USD 35 per day

Private Transfer Supplement: USD 80 per vehicle

Additional transfer supplement if Japanese Jeep is ordered: USD 130

Includes: All meals outside Ulaanbaatar. All overnights in double occupancy ger. Transfers to and out of camp on scheduled times.

Excludes: Imported drinks, Laundry. Hotel nights in Ulaanbaatar (=easily added to your order).

Children: 0-2 years free. 3-12 years 50%.

Transfer schedule: Daily approx mid May to end of September.

from UB:    09:00
from camp:    14:00


Transfers:  Operates daily as shared transfer on fixed times. Departs 09:00 from UB and returns 14:00 from camp. You may – at a supplement cost – order a private transfer at any time suitable to you. The entire drive from Ulaanbaatar to Jalman Meadows is with a 4WD vehicle 3 hours and with a bus 3,5 hours.

Low Impact Ger Camp
Nomadic Journeys is committed to the principles of Sustainable Tourism and have entered into a concession agreement with Erdene district and the Khan Khentii Protected Area administration to bring additional jobs into the area, that are based on traditional livelihoods. These involve the provision of yak carts, packhorses, riding horses and labor. The camp has a maximum capacity of 30 guests in double occupancy gers. Vehicles are parked away from the camp. The entire ger camp is fully collapsible, and does not have the usual shower and WC blocks. The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition. Showers are housed in a small gers, water is heated on a wood burning stove. All trash is separated. The camp can be relocated leaving no more impact
on the area than a herdsmen’s family would. Solar panels and windmills generate some electricity for refrigerator and kitchen use. Jalman Meadows Ger Camp is indeed a fully collapsible hotel.


Trip Combination

The relatively remote location of Jalman Meadows merits other extended trips, such as a pack horse expedition to the alpine lake, Hagiin Har Nuur, deep in the Khan Khentii taiga. You may also join our Yak Trek caravans for a walk about on the wild side or riding expeditions Mongol Horse Trails or Big Skies Trail. All are based at Jalman Meadows since it is the common starting point for each of them.
You may also request a stay at our luxury wilderness camp in East Gobi, where you may drive in a full day or charter a Cessna Caravan and fly there in an hour. Jalman Meadows has a remote airstrip in the vicinity.

It is also possible to go to Arburd Sands, which is a full day drive from Jalman Meadows, either direct or via Ulaanbaatar. Arburd Sands minimum stay is two overnights. You may go there on any day.

Hustai National Park, re introduction site of Przewalskii Horses. It is a drive via Ulaanbaatar to get there in one day. Should you want to posh experience you may overnight at HS Khaan Ger Resort, not far from the national park, from where is also possible to transfer directly to Ulaanbaatar airport or railway station.

Please enquire for any of these combinations. We can provide you the seamless travel solution.




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