River Adventures

Explore some of the world’s most wild, exotic and beautiful rivers.

Mongolia is not just a land of desert and steppe.  Incredibly lush forests and mountains cover the northern half of the country.  Genghis Khan was born and raised in northern Mongolia.  The tales of his youth are filled with stories of riding and hunting in these great wild lands.

Mongolia sits at the top of both the Yenisey and Amur watersheds, two of the world’s largest. The nation has dozens of major rivers flowing freely from the great mountains and forests of the north.

We have been boating and fly fishing these rivers since 1991, that’s longer than anyone else in Mongolia.  READ MORE: We strongly believe that river travel is a great way to experience the Mongolian landscape and culture.  Floating down one of Mongolia’s rivers allows guests to access remote places where few are able to venture.  These river adventures are an opportunity to explore the countryside and interact with locals in a very unique and positive way.

If you’re into fishing, this is the place.  Northern Mongolia is on nearly every fly angler’s bucket list.  The mountains and rivers remind most visitors of the American West.  However, the trout are a whole lot bigger and the rivers are a whole lot less crowded.  In our corners of Mongolia, the trout we’re chasing can reach lengths of over 1.5 meters and we’re the only outfitter permitted to fish these rivers.

Every year, we set up nearly three dozen temporary camps along these rivers.  Each camp is separated by one day’s float. This means that on nearly all of our river expeditions, guests float daily between very comfortable ger camps.

No outfitter in northern Asia is better prepared to support your river adventures.   Our recreational boats are all Aire Super and Super Duper rafts and inflatable kayaks.  We fish from Clackacraft and NRS drift boats.  We have all the safety equipment one would expect from an international river outfitter.  Our guides and camp staff are the best in the business.

We highly recommend our Mongolia river trips whether you’re interested in fly fishing for taimen, enjoying a very comfortable family rafting and kayak expedition, or just relaxing at a wonderful ger camp along a beautiful river.

All of our river adventures are designed to catalyze river conservation and improve local livelihoods.  Through a series of unique conservation management agreements, we have long-term exclusive rights and conservation obligations covering nearly six-hundred and fifty kilometers of river.  Our community-based conservation programs are globally recognized models.  We work in partnership with nine Mongolian counties and international non-governmental organization’s such as WWF and BioRegions International.  If you’re interested in supporting or volunteering for these efforts, please let us know.