Mongolia River Outfitters: The Guides for Chinggis Khan’s Home Waters

Nomadic Journeys created Mongolia River Outfitters to offer our clients the opportunity to experience one of the world’s finest Taimen and Trout fly fishing adventures. To see photographs and information about our wonderful fishing journeys, please visit Mongolia River Outfitters at:



Taimen are the largest member of the salmonid family. Once common from the Pacific to the Balkans, taimen habitat has sadly been reduced to a few hidden spots along the southern taiga. We operate in a very remote, wilderness river system that is one of the mighty Taimen’s last truly healthy strongholds and, as we discuss below, our operation exists to protect that stronghold.

The river system provides so many heart pounding opportunities for taimen in part due to the stunning amount of available taimen food. These fantastic numbers of big, fat Mongolian trout are the bread and butter diet for hungry taimen and make for some of the finest dry-fly fishing anywhere on the globe.

As one of our Montana guides says, “You float down this crystal clear stream surrounded by stunning scenery, eating great food and facing this wonderful ‘sheep or wolf’ dilemma? Am I going to drift a hopper to the twenty-inch trout under the bank or a skate a mouse to the fifty inch taimen prowling the eddy line? It’s an amazing predicament!”

MRO’s “no shuttle” journeys are unique to Mongolia. On all MRO trips, anglers explore a different stretch of water and cast to fresh fish every day while avoiding time consuming shuttles. Each morning, you and your guide load into a boat and float directly from camp. In the evening, you drift into one of our several pre-established streamside camps where the fires are lit, drinks are served, and your bags are waiting. MRO operates on more than 200 kilometers of river, giving us plenty of water to explore each season.



Our camps, guides, and cooks are the best in the business. Our US manufactured non-motorized boats are perfect for drift and wade fishing these rivers. The beauty, productivity and diversity of the streams is incredible. The pressure is negligible and we’re striving to keep it that way. MRO is an internationally recognized, Mongolian company that works closely with local governments, conservation organizations and local communities to catalyze meaningful conservation of Mongolia’s magnificent taimen and trout streams.

Of course, these trips are catch and release, fly fish only using single, barb-less hooks. However, MRO’s conservation efforts go way beyond this and include tangible contributions such as designing river-wide catch and release regulations, improving community awareness and economic opportunities linked directly to fisheries conservation, offering financial and in-kind support to improve wildlife law enforcement, and providing tangible sustainable business practice models.

These exclusive trips usually take place from mid June – mid October and generally fill a year in advance.

For current information, please contact Nomadic Journeys directly, call our representative in Montana +1 (406) 586-8137 or visit our Mongolia River Outfitters’ website at: