Birding Trails

During the early spring migration and just later, the Gobi comes to life with many migrating birds grabbing on to any available tree in the region. The migration period is spectacular for birds on routes between southern Asia and Siberia for songbirds, ducks and waders. But birders find all the summer until autumn, good as resident birds has numerous raptors, due the large rodent populations.

In addition, there are many spectacular resident birds in exceptional environments, such as Hooded, White-naped, Common, Demoiselle and Siberian Cranes seen in the same Daurian Steppe Lakes area.  Large amounts of raptors. Hodgson’s Bushchat, Swan Goose, Henderson’s Ground Jay, Bearded Vulture.

Go direct to Sunbird’s trip around the country, and have a look, which is lead by expert guide Paul French from the UK.

We usually customize birding itineraries around the whole country and cooperate with local bird watchers and scientist’s, and all these may be crafted in very comfortable ways, using our private ger camps.

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