Special Irbis Expeditions

Snow Leopards are one of the most elusive of all the big cats in the world. Called Irbis by the Mongols. Most people will know it exists in the Himalaya, Pamir, Hindukush in Inner Asia. Actually, Mongolia has a reasonably large number of Snow Leopards (second only to China) and with its limited areas of suitable habitat, harbors the densest Snow Leopard populations in the world. In the Gobi!

The Snow Leopard Trust, have created Irbis Enterprises, which re-sells handicraft from herder families in areas where they get their livestock victmized by Snow Leopards, who otherwise naturally prey on Argali Sheep and Siberian Ibex among other.  As livestock numbers have increased considerably following the introduction to market economy into Mongolia in the early 1990s, such conflicts have subsequently increased. The Snow Leopard Trust created Irbis Enterprises and were awarded by the BBC Challenge for this innovative approach to a conservation problem.

Nomadic Journeys has in the past done a good couple of study trips for partners of the Snow Leopard Trust over the years. Do have a look at the almost live photos at www.snowleopard.org and learn more about Örjan Johanssons efforts on Snow Leopard research in the field in Mongolia and elsewhere.

Regular visits to the research areas are still not promoted nor desired, but some few visits do take place for the immediate supporters of the research programs.  It is remote and best before and after the summer. A good start is to become a supporter and adopt a Snow Leopard, which you can do from the comfort of your computer here.