Yoga Retreat

Join Emma Henry for a completely unique Jivamukti yoga retreat in Mongolia. Emma will have flown in from the UK.  You’ll stay at our Red Rock Wilderness Camp in a traditional Mongolian yurt – known as gers – in the East Gobi Desert. This is a unique opportunity to experience the untamed and unspoilt wilderness that Mongolia has to offer. (Check out the short video)


The Yoga Retreat will be offered again in 2017, and best book early with our specialty partner Reclaim Yourself in the UK.

Largely inaccessible to the Western world until recently, Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient culture and Mother Nature at her wildest in an environment that has seen little change for centuries.

Our retreat camp is located in the East Gobi – about 40km from the Trans-Mongolian railway to and from China. The surrounding landscapes are simply breathtaking – consisting mainly of granite rock formations, semi-arid steppes, small veral pools and water springs.  And the retreat camp at at Jalman Meadows.

You’ll travel to the camp on the Trans-Mongolian railway and then continue by jeep into the Ikh Nart nature reserve where our yoga camp is located.

Emma Henry is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher. Jivamukti is a form of hatha yoga with a distinct style that weaves together the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga to form a deep and holistic experience on the mat.

Between classes, you will have time to relax with a hot stone massage. There will be plenty of time to explore too – be it by mountain bike, camel or on horseback. Hiking in the area is highly rewarding with easy climbs up onto rocks where you will be able to fully appreciate the amazing landscapes.

Midweek, the whole group will head out by camel cart to a remote location for a night camping under the stars. You’ll have sunset meditation on high rocks to contemplate the vast landscape and extraordinary sunset before you and wake up early for a truly unforgettable sunrise yoga practice.

Your meals will be prepared by our expert local chef who will be working with the UK chef who will prepare you delicious, nourishing and healthy vegan meals – designed to support your yoga practice.