Yak Trek – in the Khan Khentii


The best way to personally experience the pace and lifestyle of the local people is to travel the same way and use the same modes of transport as the Mongolian herdsmen themselves. On this journey we trek for three full days into the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and enjoy the beautiful wilderness of the Khentii Mountains. We will use yaks to pull the traditional wooden carts on which all our equipment will be loaded and transported. If you are an experienced rider, a horse may also be rented for you. No support vehicles will be required, nor are they practical in the roadless area where we are to trek. The yaks will determine the pace of our nomadic journey over easy terrain (max. 20 km per day). A cook who is adept at western and Mongolian cooking will be with us in the field. We will also carry a ger, the traditional felt tent, in which most rural Mongolians still live today. Essentially, this means we can use the services of the local people in the area where we are to travel. They are the experts and we will be able to get a first-hand experience of how to build a ger and move a camp in the traditional Mongolian way.

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Itinerary & Map

Day 1: To Upper Tuul River Valley

After breakfast we leave Ulaanbaatar for the Upper Tuul River Valley in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area (some 110 km away); a 3 three-hour drive by bus or car. After one hour we leave the tarmac road and carry on through a beautiful steppe valley, where there are many herding families with their gers and livestock. Crossing a ridge at Zamtiin pass we now drive mainly through forests until we reach the Upper Tuul River Valley. Here we meet the local herders, who will accompany us with their yak carts. We pitch camp next to the river.

Day 2: To Baruun Bayan

Today we load all our luggage and provisions onto the yak carts and start our trek. Our first campsite will be in a steppe valley, surrounded by the Khentii hills, which are covered with larch and birch forests. Herdsmen keep their livestock in the southern areas of Khan Khentii, following a lifestyle that has been essentially unchanged since the time of Genghis Khan.

Day 3: To Zaraa Tolgoi

Along the way we will split from the yak cart caravan and hike up into the mountains. We will enjoy stunning panoramic views from the ridges. Today we reach the northernmost point of our journey and set up camp at Zaraa Tolgoi (Hedgehog’s head).

Day 4: Upper Tuul River Valley

We are now in a very scenic area, where rivers flow down broad steppe valleys. Around us are forested hills and mountains. Along the rivers there are wooded and alluvial meadows with broad-leaf forests. We will set up our camp near the trailhead on a beautiful meadow.

Day 5: To Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast we drive back to Ulaanbaatar (3½ hrs). In the afternoon there is free time to explore the city. Distances are short and nearly all points of interest can by reached by foot.


Mountain View Download the Itinerary as a PDF

Jalman Meadows


Dates and Prices

PRICE ex Ulaanbaatar:

USD 950 per person (min 2 members)

Single tent supplement (4n):USD 160 per person

Rent of riding horse: USD 140 per horse

Private trip supplement:

USD 300 per trip for 2/4persons

for 5/up no supplement charge

Includes: Guide and all meals outside Ulaanbaatar. Camping equipment and all local transport.

Excludes: Imported drinks. Rent of riding horse. Transfers and accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. Air or train tickets in and out of Mongolia. Visa fee.

DATES start in Ulaanbaatar 2017:

YAK01: 21-25May (Su/Th)
YAK02: 31May-04Jun (We/Su)
YAK03: 10-14Jun (Sa/We)
YAK04: 20-24Jun (Tu/Sa)
YAK05: 30Jun-04Jul (Fr/Tu)
YAK06: 12-16Jul (We/Su)
YAK07: 17-21Jul (Mo/Fr)
YAK08: 27-31Jul (Th/Mo)
YAK09: 07-11Aug (Mo/Fr) Danshig AVL
YAK10: 17-21Aug (Th/Mo)
YAK11: 27-31Aug (Su/Th)
YAK12: 06-10Sep (We/Su)


Danshig Naadam extension: For YAK09 it is possible to book an extension to visit the newly re-established Danshig Naadam festival, held on August 6th 2017 near Ulaanbaatar. Please enquire!

Private departures: On request, and if available, the Yak Trek may operate on any day, at an additional cost of USD 300 per trip for 2/4 persons as a private departure. For 5 or more persons no supplement charge will be added. When booking this tour as a private trip, other language guides (French, German, Italian, Korean, etc.) are available upon request. Please enquire! Before or after the season, we can swap the tepee for a ger, equipped with a wood burning stove in order to provide warmth on cold nights.

Additional: We can reserve hotels and transfers in Ulaanbaatar for you. Please make sure to arrive in Ulaanbaatar the day prior to departure. There will be a get together evening dinner that same evening.

Family Treks: If you are a family with kids, book early, we are happy to set aside any date as a specific family departure.


Trip Combination

You have the choice to stay another day or two in Ulaanbaatar or transfer out to your next international destination.  We offer hotels in downtown at the same on line internet rates as well as outbound railway tickets to your first point in Russia or China.

  • We, however, recommend that you join our Camel Trek for another exciting adventure in a contrasting environment with nomads, steppes and rocky outcrops. A camel trek is almost always available prior to, or after all the Yak Treks.
  • Or just make day hikes in the same East Gobi area at Ikh Nart Nature Reserve. It is a different Gobi of rock formations and best for Gobi wildlife.  You may pay a private transfer supplement and drive directly there without passing Ulan Bator.  If you continue to China, you may continue by train overnight from CHOIR, instead of returning to UB.
  • If your time is too short to join the Camel Trek, it is still possible to go to Arburd Sands.  Arburd Sands has minimum stay is two overnights. You may go there on any day.
  • Hustai National Park, re introduction site of Przewalskii Horses.  It is a drive via Ulan Bator to get there in one day. Should you want a posh experience you may overnight at HS Khaan Ger Resort, not far from the national park, from where is also later possible to transfer directly to Ulan Bator airport or railway station.

Please enquire for any of these combinations. We can provide you the seamless travel solution.




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