Winter Trails

Mongolia has 278 sunny days in one year. The relative lack of snow is the pre-condition for such a vibrant and large nomadic people, catering for their 30 million head of livestock in the great outdoors year round. Despite being climatically on the fringes of the Arctic. Mongolia has the southernmost permafrost zones of the world, southernmost distribution of wolverine and reindeer. Its location is in fact far more south of Siberia than north of China.

Nomadic Journeys organize special trips to Mongolia also in the winter. Ice-skating is a very popular winter sport in Stockholm, and we have jointly with Äventyrsresor, organized ice-skating expeditions on Lake Hövsgöl. We have also done ice skating trips to western Mongolia, one which ended up ice skating on 120km of river. Next to camels.

Winter trips usually require for cost efficiency a small group, why these are usually made to order. What is recommended in winter is west Mongolia and the Kazakh Eagle hunters, Lake Hövsgöl and journey by their horse sleds, Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian New Year). There are many visitors coming for short visits on the railways, and some locations, such as Hustai National Park have winter felted ger camp.